Apartment rental - a new trend of living for young people in 2018

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Apartment rental - a new trend of living for young people in 2018

A large part of young people today thanks to the dynamic, intelligent so early self-established and financially stable in a stable way. Living standards have shifted the demand from the choice of accommodation to the preferred apartment. And by 2018, renting apartments has become a new trend of Vietnamese youth.
1) Why do young people like to rent apartments?
Active living requires young people to choose apartments that are easy to move to workplaces and downtown. Most of the compact, beautiful apartments, reasonable prices located in the central or nearby neighborhood is very popular with young people. To reduce the cost of rent and transportation, young people often choose the apartment located on the two-way street in Tan Binh district. This is a nice location, near Tan Son Nhat airport, near many shopping, entertainment.

The apartment is generally well-ventilated, luxurious and fully furnished than the motel. That is what attracts young people. Because young people prefer modern life, separate but still ensure comfort and security.
Apartments today are extremely diverse in terms of type and price. With many areas and sizes suitable for single people or living with family.
2) How to choose the right apartment according to the trend of new life of youth.
A suitable apartment for young people must meet three criteria: beautiful, sufficient and worth.
     The beauty of the apartment is important for young people to decide whether to rent or not. Young children always long for new things, beautiful. To make you feel comfortable living in it.
     The "enough" factor here has to take into account the modernity and comfort of the apartment. The apartment needs to ensure full equipment such as elevator, wifi, electricity, water, refrigerator, air conditioning, ...
     The last factor - worth it. It is the money spent every month to rent apartments must match the value and affordability of this group of young people.


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