Investment experience of apartment for rent

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Investment experience of apartment for rent

Foreigners usually have high standards when choosing a long-term lease (over 6 months). In addition to the requirements of location, services around, the interior is one of the top criteria. So how to get a nice interior apartment without having to invest too much money? Please refer to the useful experience below.

The real estate market is seeing a shift from speculation, buying and selling apartments, buying new apartments, and leasing in the form of shared housing. strong in the world. Renting apartments when not in demand is a "fad" on the real estate market. But renting a condo is not easy, you should invest more in your apartment. The experience below will help you.
Basic furniture needs quality and uniformity
The uniformity of material, color, design style will create a distinctive character for your home, making the tenants feel the sophistication and individuality characteristics. Especially, the interior will be very convenient for the maintenance, upgrading and renovation of furniture for the house later.
How good is the quality of furniture? You need to understand that foreigners are very clear. They just need to look at and touch the interior products to be able to guess the quality of the product. Therefore, you should carefully select materials, accessories and interior construction team to ensure that the items in the home have a physical durability of at least 10 years.
Select the appropriate material
Materials for interior design rental apartments should be high durability, aesthetic, affordable price. Many people often wonder about whether to use natural wood or industrial wood to make furniture for rent. You need to understand that the greatest advantage of natural wood versus industrial wood is its beauty. However, this advantage often comes with high costs.
There are still cheaper natural woods than industrial wood in the market, but the durability, strength, heat resistance ... is lower than industrial wood if compared to the same level of investment. Therefore, you should choose industrial wood to make furniture for rent. You can choose one of two types of industrial wood is MFC or MDF.

Delicate decoration, suitable
A common misconception in Vietnam is that homeowners often neglect to decorate an apartment for rent, because "it's just a rental apartment." The truth is, the decor plays the role of the homeowner's sophistication for every little detail, the attention of the homeowner to the need to enjoy a private space and personality of tenants.
So how to decorate the house meticulously but not too? (allowing guests the space and conditions to decorate themselves or freely express their personality traits). You can refer to the following suggestions:
    Use wall paintings: You can include some pictures in landscape paintings, or you can leave some of your paintings blank. The implication of these frameworks is that they are prepared so that the tenant can arbitrarily choose the image to include in the frame later.
    Use wall decal combined with reasonable hangers: decal wall stickers are very suitable for decorating the walls, the hanging hooks available to help you hang their souvenirs.
    Use of local ceramics and decorations: Most foreigners prefer newness and local culture, so just decorate the apartment with some ceramic products. , the sculpture will create a very "Vietnamese" space.
How much investment is reasonable?
If your apartment is located in an area that can attract foreigners to rent, you should do a basic calculation to estimate your investment and profit every year for 7-10 years. Average investment can be estimated by the area of ​​the apartment: average reasonable investment rate is about 2 million - 2.5 million m2.
Rent rates can be referenced on the website posting information for foreigners renting a house or calling directly to the agent / broker for rent (telephone numbers are usually posted on the website). Normally, the reasonable payback period of such a project is no more than 18 months on the whole rent) and not more than 36 months on the difference between the rented and furnished rentals.


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